Self-Induced Whiteout


There is no worse feeling than waking up on a Sunday morning in the penultimate season of the year and seeing green. Not white. Green. Between conversation which always seems to elicit the issue of “what should I get *insert name here* for Christmas”, the looming dread of January finals, and the constant bombardment of Christmas songs on the radio…the only thing that seems to be irritating me more is the constant stress of the fact that there very well might not be a white Christmas this year. Hitherto, I have always envisioned Christmas being a time where I’d be knee deep in fluffy snow, with unforeseeable subzero temperatures. I remember as a child always looking forward to the warm hot chocolate that greeted me as I stepped inside after a long day of tobogganing or ice skating. There was no greater thrill than walking outside and hearing the crunch beneath your feet and realizing that it was packing snow. This year, however, I have come to the grave cognizance that it is improbable that we will have snow on the 24th  and that my customary, 17 year old traditions would not be possible (igloo/snowman building, snow ball fights, etc.). As much as I wish that mother nature would pull through and grant us a snow day (I could use a day off of school) I realized that I needed to put matters into my own hands. While we may not be able to control whether we wake up to a winter wonderland, I’ve decided to use fashion to give myself a self-induced whiteout. Among the plethora of reasons why white-on-white is so in this season, the chief reason I’ve clothed myself in said garments was because although there may not be a trace of white outside this Christmas, at least there would be plenty on me.

(Now, this in no way compares to the satisfaction that snow could give, however, fashion gave itself a valiant effort on this one.)


My self-induced winter wonderland was constructed with my Helmut Lang Top, American Apparel pants, Alexander Wang boots, and my Bitter Sweet cuffs.




2 Responses to “Self-Induced Whiteout”

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